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Experience unparalleled sales productivity with Wondrful to quickly finish your admin work and followup.

Break barriers, spark connections

Icebreaker (upcoming): Access a curated list of personalised icebreaker suggestions based on each individual's profile

Unlock the power of personalisation

Personality analyser (upcoming): Gain a deep understanding of your potential clients' personality types

Effortless live meeting transcriptions

Meeting transcriptions: Stay fully engaged in your conversations while we capture every detail for you

Instant AI meeting summaries

Meeting summary: Quickly access and share comprehensive meeting summaries with clients and managers immediately after each call

Send personalised follow-up emails

Followup email: Our AI handles follow-up email composition, freeing up your schedule for more productive tasks

Sync prospect answers to your CRM

Auto-capture client details (upcoming): Automatically capture and sync prospect answers, eliminating manual data entry

Build true empathy by understanding their emotions

Emotion detection (upcoming): Your team can adapt its approach, address concerns, and build stronger connections with prospects

Transcribe up to 22 languages for your cosmopolitan clients

Multilingual transcriptions (upcoming): Wondrful ensures effective communication between you and customers in different markets

Powerful new features are coming.

Publish your research papers and let them speak for themselves

Train the AI on your research papers and let the readers unlock insights by asking it questions.

Discover relevant papers and authors by AI intelligence

Based on your PDFs and behaviour, the AI will automatically suggest useful research papers.